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Open air classroom

The indigenous Añu community, at the Laguna de Sinamaica, is settled in a remote area in La Guajira. The community lives by the water and mobilizes in small boats. Beautiful surroundings mix with extreme poverty and neglect where access to clean water, basic services, and food is extremely complicated and a daily struggle.

The hope for betterment is very low and children are sent to school, not necessarily because they believe they will advance with education, but because is a way for them to have access to a meal.

Tepui introduced the idea of Open Air Classrooms with the aim to engage school children in perceiving the school, and learning, as something that can be fun and useful at the same time. We teach teachers and children how to create and maintain a vegetable garden, and through those practises, connecting the classroom learning objectives with the children getting hands-on experiencing their environment. They grow their vegetables and fruits, learn about nutrition and complement their school meals with their own produce.

Furthermore, building and caring for a vegetable garden provides a fantastic opportunity for reinforcing values around responsibility, citizenship and empowers the community to alleviate some of the limitations around food security.

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