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  • Yelitza Bättig

Creativity week at the Ludoteca… a special type of holiday

I am very proud to share with you the latest that is happening at the Ludoteca in the Yocoima school: Carlos y Ana Maria our amazing Ludotecarians (toy-librarians) prepared a full week of fun activities for children ages 5 to 12. The “Ludovacaciones” or Ludic-holidays are opening the doors from August 1st to the 8th and the invitation is opened to all Yocoima students as well as children from the vicinity.

We are thrilled to see how the whole plan materialised thanks to the support and engagement of the school staff, parents and friends. A great example of the community working together to make the school a space for recreation during the summer holidays.

50 children participated during the first day, supported by 22 adults ( Ludotecarians, teachers, parents, school staff, etc.). On day 2, we had 80 children and yesterday (day 3), 60 kids joined!!! the participation has been just fantastic.

They are spending the morning drawing, exercising, learning how to create clothing for dolls with Milagros Figueroa or decorating the school. The feedback received so far is very encouraging and the pictures showed the many curious and happy faces of the kids.

Crayons, chalk, paint, brushes... all become exciting instruments to experiment and create. Kids are loving it!

and if there is no paper, there is carton, walls and lots of floor to decorate.

Stay tuned for more. I will be posting pictures as they become available and share more about the progress of the week. And if you feel inspired by this story and want to know more just send us your comments or write us at

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