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Who We Are 

We are an organization supporting initiatives that contribute to sustainable social development in Venezuela.

We focus on groups who are disadvantaged due to discrimination, poverty, gender, or location. We work with communities in Venezuela to develop projects that are oriented to create awareness and develop capabilities to help overcome those challenges.

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What We Do 

Tepui is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do at our Nonprofit Organisation is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges.

We work with communities and schools in Venezuela to create community-based projects that address issues of poverty, social well-being, education, child development, and food security. Through collaboration and consultation, we support meaningful projects that the community express both a need and want for. 

Our Mission

To support and collaborate with Venezuelan communities through community-based projects that improve child development and community well being.

Our Supporters


KMB Cosmetics donates 1 CHF to TEPUI for every product sold? 1 CHF does not seem to be much, but in reality it is a lot if we consider that the basic salary of the Venezuelan is 4 USD per month.

KMB Cosmetics


Swiss Re Foundation supports humanitarian projects of employees with a generous donation. This has enabled Tepui to quickly and easily implement its first projects in Venezuela.

Swiss Re Foundation


The Parents' Council School Merlischachen holds an annual flea market for the children, where they can sell their toys or buy toys from other children. Unsold toys can finally be donated to TEPUI. These are then sent to Venezuela.

Elternrat Schule Merlischachen

Meet The Team


Yelitza Louzé Bättig

President Executive Comittee


Maurelena Remiro

Local Project Manager

Markus Baettig

Markus Bättig

Vice-President Executive Comittee & Finance

Jucelli Rodriguez

Jucelli Rodriguez


IMG_0812 (002).jpg

Yesenia Louzé

Community & Logistics

2018-05-10-PHOTO-00000155 (002).jpg

Jaël Bättig

Tester & Creative Contributor


Ana Maria Marin

Toy Library Coordinator


Carlos Yusti

Toy Library Coordinator

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