Luzernerstrasse 218

6402 Merlischachen


Schwyzer Kantonalbank – 6431 Schwyz

IBAN: CH82 0077 7008 6130 2468 8

Who We Are

We are an organization supporting initiatives that contribute to sustainable social development in Venezuela.

We focus on groups in social disadvantage due to discrimination, gender, environment or poverty. Our projects are oriented to create awareness and develop capabilities to help overcome those challenges.




KMB Cosmetics donates 1 CHF to TEPUI for every product sold? 1 CHF does not seem to be much, but in reality it is a lot if we consider that the basic salary of the Venezuelan is 4 USD per month.

KMB Cosmetics

SwissRe Foundation supports humanitarian projects of employees with a generous donation. This has enabled TEPUI to quickly and easily implement its first projects in Venezuela.

SwissRe Foundation

The Parents' Council School Merlischachen holds an annual flea market for the children, where they can sell their toys or buy toys from other children. Unsold toys can finally be donated to TEPUI. These are then sent to Venezuela.

Elternrat Schule Merlischachen



Yelitza Louzé Bättig

President Executive Comittee

Maurelena Remiro

Local Project Manager

Markus Bättig

Vice-President Executive Comittee & Finance

Jucelli Rodriguez


Yesenia Louzé

Community & Logistics

Jaël Bättig

Tester & Creative Contributor

Ana Maria Marin

Toy Library Coordinator

Carlos Yusti

Toy Library Coordinator



Open air classroom

Open Air Classrooms or “Aulas al Aire Libre” aims to engage school children in impoverished areas to connect with the school in a positive way as place where learning can be fun and practical. We do this by coaching teachers and children to create and maintain a vegetable garden.


We set up Toy librarys or Ludotecas in public schools as a mechanism to reinforce values on responsibility, care and reusability. The ludoteca in the school becomes a space to dream, to create and to learn by playing.

A Toy Library or “Ludoteca” is a children recreational centre that makes available different toys for use in the same place or to borrow them for a certain period of time. Our Ludoteca operates within a public school in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. School children from pre-kinder garden up to the six grade visit the Ludoteca weekly and enter a place to dream, create and learn by playing.

At Tepui we aim to engage children both in Switzerland and in Venezuela and create an exchange that generates a learning at both ends: children in Switzerland are made aware of the initiative and what is happening with the toys donated. They experience sharing at a global level, that toys can be reused for others and learn about other cultures. In Venezuela, children learn to be trusted (lending a toy or a book to take home) as they take responsibility and care about the toys.   


International play day

Celebrate the International Play Day

May 24, 2018

The whole school becomes a Ludoteca as we celebrate the International Play Day at the Ludoteca Yocoima. A Doll exhibition  complements the program for what promises to be a very special day for the kids.


Muñecas y juguetes en la memoria colectiva

May 25, 2018

Working together with the Casa de la Cultura Hector Guillermo Villalobos to engage the community in a fun day


El Día Mundial del Juego se celebra todos los días en la ludoteca del colegio Yocoima

May 31, 2018

The Ludoteca, a space also for integration, responsibility and cultural heritage

100 kilos de alegría

October 7, 2018

Ludovacaciones en la E.I.B. Yocoima

August 13, 2018

Creativity week at the Ludoteca… a special type of holiday

August 4, 2018

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