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A Toy Library or “Ludoteca” is a recreational centre for children where they can play and use various toys at the centre or to borrow them for a certain period of time. Our Ludotecas operate in public schools in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. As part of the school programming, school children from pre-kindergarten up to the sixth grade visit the Ludoteca weekly and enter a place to dream, create and learn by playing. Teachers find these opportunities important for mental and social development, teaching children to share, care, and play together. 

At Tepui, we aim to engage children both in Switzerland and in Venezuela and create an exchange that generates learning at both ends. Children in Switzerland are made aware of the initiative and what is happening with the toys donated. They learn about reusing and donating toys and about another culture. They experience sharing at a global level, learning that toys can be reused and gifted to others less fortunate, and learn about different cultures. In Venezuela, children learn to be trusted (borrowing a toy or a book to take home) as they take responsibility and care of the toys.  The programs teach the importance of responsibility, caring, sharing, and reusing while bringing joy to children and their families.


Our Ludotecas 

Ludoteca 1 - In February 2018, Tepui opened its first Toy Library at a public school in Venezuela. With a small selection of toys and games, our Ludoteca is creating a lot of excitement and bringing smiles to more than 400 children.

Ludoteca 2 - In February 2019, Tepui opened its second Toy Library at the school Monserrat in Puerto Ordaz. This toy library operates with the support of volunteer parents. 

NEW! Ludoteca 3 - In our headquarters in Puerto Ordaz, we opened the doors to receive children and their parents to visit the toy library. This one operates independently from the schools and with Tepui staff, giving us more flexibility with the opening hours.

Ludonoticias y más - Newsletters from our Ludotecas

Beneficios de la Ludoteca

April 16, 2018

Luego de dos meses de funcionamiento, Carlos nos comenta sobre los beneficios, las responsabilidades, el Dia del Libro y el Idioma

Torta y libros en el Yocoima!

May 7, 2018

El Yocoima está de cumpleaños, celebramos con torta y presentamos el Rincon de las Palabras con más de 80 libros donados


August 12 , 2018

Cobertura diaria de lo que pasó en la Ludoteca del Yocoima durante las Ludovacaciones

Nueva Ludoteca en escuela museo

Octubre 18, 2018

La escuela Monserrate es una escuela diferente. Aquí estamos preparando todo para la segunda Ludoteca de Tepui!

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