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Break in at the ludoteca at Wenceslao Monserrate School

Just as the school year had started, in October this year (2019), we received a bad notice: unknown people has broken in the ludoteca at Wenceslao Monserrate School through an unprotected window, and had taken some toys.

We went from distress to bewilderment and then sadness. We learned that those who had broken in had messed up everything and had had fun playing there, and then had stolen some of the favourite toys of the children who attend the ludoteca. Unfortunately, the perpetrators were children who attended the school and frequent users of the ludoteca.

Although the police investigation revealed fairly quickly the specific details of what had happened, and even the majority of the stolen toys could be recovered, the final point really distressed us. Far from intimidating us, it challenged us to ask ourselves a series of questions at Tepui: what are the flaws in the process of disseminating the ludoteca values that have led to some children not valuing or respecting the space properly? Does it affect other users, who saw the playroom closed for a long time, and who subsequently cannot enjoy a space created especially for them? What kind of exemplary and effective action can be useful to avoid this type of action in the future on the part of children who will grow up, not only in spaces such as the playroom but for any other with which they relate to their lives as adults? What situation within some families triggers this type of behaviour in the children and how can we work together with the teachers from the playroom to relieve it?

We do not have all the answers, but this situation certainly makes us reflect, work towards clarifying the concerns, and proceed accordingly. Even when the crisis situation in Venezuela does not help; school officials recognise a decrease in teachers and students due to migration to other countries; there is political sway; and a lack of motivation and lack of resources also make it difficult to work in schools, the Tepui team remain convinced and committed to the management of toy libraries. for they are a powerful platform to support learning, good practices and desirable development of children's personality.

Therefore, this notice is more than insensibility, it summons us and challenges us to work with more zeal and dedication, with the certainty that there are many challenges that we still have ahead, but with the conviction and enthusiasm that brings us together from the First day of work around this proposal of Tepui.

We will explore different ways to strengthen values, we will continue to attract mothers and young people from the community to work in toy libraries, we will provide new spaces to share and learn to live in harmony. And of course, we will continue to provide games, toys and children's books along with the necessary accompaniment to promote the enjoyment, magic, reverie, creativity and greater well-being of children using school toy libraries every day.

Maurelena Remiro

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