• Maurelena Remiro

Tepui workshop for new teachers in the Yocoima school

In the Yocoima school there is also good news!

Last week our Venezuelan team held a workshop to share awareness and refresh knowledge about what a ludoteca is. The workshop was organised especially for new teaching staff at the Yocoima school.

At Tepui, we feel it is imperative that we share understanding and motivation for Tepui’s lessons with all teaching staff. Together we have responsibility to share the purpose and lessons of the ludotecas to all their users. This is why training is so important.

In our ludotecas, we have found that the wonderful activity of children reading has begun to emphasise citizen values of community, coexistence, acceptance, togetherness and sharing. This is one of the most important aspects of the ludotecas supported by Tepui in the Guayana region in Venezuela

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