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  • Yelitza Bättig

We got a new Toy Library (Ludothek)!

We are about to open our new Ludoteca TEPUI (Toy Library), a space that offers a different experience for the children in Venezuela: a space for children to have a good time and play without worries, opportunities to share with others, dream and enjoy themselves.

The opening of the new Ludoteca is tomorrow, 23 April, taking advantage that on this day it is also celebrated the International Book Day. We are joining the celebration to promote the enjoyment of reading, specially with children and teenagers, and to value the incredible contributions of all authors around the world.

And to honor the International Book Day, we are excited to inaugurate the Toy Library with an introductory workshop on “Artist’s Book”, aimed to children, young people and adults. The workshop (and opening) will take place at the TEPUI Toy Library in Los Olivos in Puerto Ordaz-Venezuela, starting at 8:30 in the morning.

Join us tomorrow and stay tuned for our next post when we will share more about what it is actually, an Artist’s Book :)

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