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Christmas packing! Sending 137kg of toys to Venezuela

With the holidays so close, the Tepui family and friends got together before Christmas to test and pack toys to be sent to Venezuela.

Together they packed 137kgs of toys! A total of 10 boxes to be sent to Venezuela. The toys will be sent to our Ludotecas, giving children new toys to play with.

One of the biggest challenges for us is the logistics and cost of sending toys to Venezuela. To send a box of <15kgs with Switzerland’s Die Post costs 155 CHF (which is just outrageous!). All funding and donations we receive go to covering these costs and paying the salaries of our Ludotecarians. We are expecting the boxes to arrive the first week in January, with any luck, a bit earlier.

The new toys will bring excitement and refresh the libraries. Among the new toys were wooden games, games, puzzles, trains and cars, dolls, stickers - which we know the kids love.

Thank you to our amazing toy packers and testers who spent the evening organising toys to be wrapped, boxed, and sent to Venezuela. And thank you to the students of Merlischache Schule for the donated toys!

Tepui xx

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